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2020 Accepting Consignment Dates


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Auction Gallery at Chandler – 727 Dilworth Lane, Suite 101, Rock Hill, SC

Accepting quality items year-round to include fine antiques & furniture, collectibles, sterling silver, coins, china, crystal, pottery, jewelry, fine art, sport memorabilia, firearms and more!

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2020 Auction Dates & Drop Off Dates, Monday – Friday, by Appointment:

Auction Date: January 3rd – 13th

  • (Items accepted Jan. 15th – 24th for Feb. Auction)

Auction Date: February 7th – 17th

  • (Items accepted Feb. 19th – 28th for March Auction)

Auction Date: March 6th – 16th

  • (Items accepted March 18th – 27th for April Auction)

Auction Date: April 3rd – 13th

  • (Items accepted April 15th – 24th for May Auction)

Auction Date: May 1st – 11th

  • (Items accepted May 13th – 22nd for June Auction)

Auction Date: June 5th – 15th

  • (Items accepted June 17th – 26th for July Auction)

Auction Date: July 3rd – 13th

  • (Items accepted July 15th – 24th for Aug. Auction)

Auction Date: August 7th – 17th

  • (Items accepted Aug. 19th – 28th for Sept. Auction)

Auction Date: September 4th – 14th

  • (Items accepted Sept. 16th – 25th for Oct. Auction)

Auction Date: October 2nd – 12th

  • (Items accepted Oct. 14th – 23rd for Nov. Auction)

Auction Date: November 6th – 16th

  • (Items accepted Nov. 18th – 27th for Dec. Auction)

Auction Date: December 4th – 14th

  • (Items accepted Dec. 16th – 23rd for Jan. Auction)


Our gallery auctions are the first week of each month, and run online at for 10 days. During that time we have open houses so buyers can preview the items prior to bidding. Our staff handles all photos, cataloging and accounting. We will list the items you bring and send a breakdown post auction.

Items we may not accept include used clothing, shoes, toys, appliances, exercise equipment, linens. Please call our office at 803-366-3535 to confirm space is available. Forms are available online in advance. 35% with $10 Minimum Commission.


Call 803-366-3535 or visit to learn more about selling Real Estate at Auction, or to inquire about our quarterly Equipment Auctions.